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    How to cut a good promo

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    How to cut a good promo Empty How to cut a good promo

    Post by Rated_X_Superstar on Sun Feb 15, 2009 7:25 am

    One of the essential parts of the E-Fed is cutting a promo for your superstar. Every week you must cut at least ONE promo, otherwise you will most likely lose your match and lose SP points as a result. It is important before your first match to cut a promo within this thread, or respond to a promo made by another superstar in order to maintain your current status. Things to include:

    Straight Talk: The simplest style of roleplaying, straight talk is exactly as it sounds. There isn't much focus on description of everything around you. You describe the general scene and then it's your wrestler saying whatever he has to say about the match. This style within itself is very easy to follow, where you can state whats on your superstar's mind.

    Set the Scene: Your wrestler has to be someplace right? Describe the area where he is, in the ring, backstage, etc. The more detail you can give, the better the reader can visualize your surroundings and picture everything you do in their mind, creating a better roleplay. Describe what your wrestler is wearing, how he is acting, what he is doing. Be very descriptive so the reader can picture it in their head.

    Focus on your opponent: Keep your mind on your opponent when you write, after all he is the person you are wrestling. When you place your wrestler in an area, try to tie it in somehow with your match. Like if you have a table match why not cut a promo where you are in an empty ring with a table there to talk about the match and what you are gonna do, hey it works!

    Develop your Character: Whether you are just starting out or have been around for a while, everyone has some idea of what direction their character is going to head in. Do you want to be a good guy or the bad guy? Try to incorporate this into your roleplays. You can always change the direction, but just a general idea of what you want to do for the short term will do wonders.

    Target mistakes: If you see your opponent write something that isn't correct (such as calling you a shrimp when you're taller than him), expose that and focus on it. Your opponent can't reply back to a mistake he made. How can you be a little man if you are seven foot tall? Makes no sense. Use their mistakes against THEM and you gain the advantage. How can they be the greatest if they won one match? SEE what I mean?

    Keep the angle: If your arm is broken in a match or previous roleplay, don't come out lifting weights or partying like you aren't hurt. React to situations; don't just pretend they never happened.

    Be funny: Who doesn't appreciate a good laugh in a roleplay? Clean jokes are the best ones, if you have to resort to racism and sexual references; you're as low as every other e-wrestler out there. Remember, there are people behind those e-wrestlers and they may be offended by something you say. The goal you should try to attain is to make your opponent, the Staff, and anyone else who reads the roleplay laugh without being offended.

    Be Original: The best thing you can do is try to be original. Develop your own catch phrases, ideas, and gimmicks. Don't copy a Real Wrestler. Over time you will develop your own style and improve upon it each and every roleplay. This is how you will become a Superstar. If you start speaking in third person like the Rock, everyone reading your roleplay will want to smack you. Some people LOVE real wrestler feds where you ARE those people in rp but here you make your own person and to do that look at your own personality and see what you can put into your wrestler that resembles you or who you want to be. THEN you can relate to the character you create and have a good time.

    Relevancy: Stay at the task at hand. Don't go out and ramble just for length. If you have a match with someone, stick to them. Just because someone badmouths you, don't get mad and end up losing your focus because you targeted them instead. When you watch a wrestler on tv, do you see them ramble and get sidetracked. Not usually. They stay on task and talk about their opponent and what they plan to do to them and talk about the match they are in. That is the most important thing in roleplaying. A good tip is to read everyones RP's and all of each TV show. That way you are familiar with your opponents and their tendencies. It makes them easier to defeat. And knowing the storylines increases your value to the writer because then they can tailor more stories to your strengths.

    Common Logic: If you beat a certain wrestler and your opponent lost to him, don't hesitate to point out to them that you did something they couldn't. Every single flaw your enemy has is a major weakness, take advantage of all of them as much as possible. Every mistake your opponent makes is a key point that you can use. Disect every word he says. Take it all in and don't just bring up points to counter his, add more. The more you impress the writers, the more likely you will win a match or get a push.

    Get under their skin: Try and make the handler really hate some of the things you say. Don't make offend him or make him hate you, just focus on saying things that would upset him. When a person gets angry, they'll type without thinking, and then they'll be open for a mistake. Someone who isn't thinking clearly isn't going to be able to form a good roleplay. Just don't make it personal, EVER.

    Playing The Part: If your character is Russian or German, you should know some of the Russian or German language to make your character more realistic. If you create a bad character that you'll run out of ideas for, you'll get bored with the fed quickly, and end up quitting. Good character creation is the key to having fun in any e-fed.

    Be PATIENT: ITS NOT THE CHARACTER that makes you LOSE its YOUR RPS!! You can take a guy dressed up in the san diego CHICKEN suit and STILL KICK azz! You have to want to put the time in to build the story for the character and watch him GROW, not change a damn character just because you lost a match with him. Thats lame to me it makes no sense. Its also a bad way to grow in a fed, I mean look at Nightstalker for example, from small time to world champion and a HELL of story behind him. You have to put the time in to who you have.

    Spelling And Punctuation: Make sure you spell all of the words you use right. Go back and double check if needed, but just try to catch the spelling errors and typos as you write. Make sure you leave spaces between words. In other words SLOW THE HELL DOWN and READ OVER WHAT YOU WRITE before you post it!

    Don't Make Your Wrestler Sound Like A Child: If your wrestler sounds like a 13 year old, he'll have as much of a chance of winning as a 13 year old. Watch the WWF or WCW sometime, the wrestlers don't swear and if they do, it's edited out. Also, how many 25 year old wrestlers say "poosy" or "thingy?" Not too many. Bad Examples. "Hey tface breath!" UM I dont talk like that nor do wrestlers.

    Write In Paragraphs: Don't jumble everything together in one big 5K paragraph. It's a little bit harder to read and doesn't look very good. Write in mulitple paragraphs, it will really help you out.

    Be mature: We all win and we all lose as long as you are enjoying the e-fed then it shouldn't be a problem.

    I know this seems like a hell of a lot to take in, and it is for me just looking at it lol, but over time once you successfully write promos, you will improve and it will come natural. Just remember, the more you impress us, the higher chance of a push!

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    How to cut a good promo Empty Re: How to cut a good promo

    Post by Joe on Sun Feb 15, 2009 6:19 pm

    THIs sounds good, I can't wait to get this thing going!Smile

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