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    Maryse&Layla Promo


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    Maryse&Layla Promo

    Post by Reign on Sat Mar 07, 2009 11:50 pm

    After that divas promo was shown we see layla and maryse backstage in the locker room having a pre match talk.

    LAYLA:So maryse i hope your ready for out match tonight cause i DONT like to lose
    Maryse: HA! really that wasnt the case last week!
    Layla gets in her face saying..."look one match big deal doesnt mean i wont get the pin THIS week!
    Maryse pushes her back.."layla lets get one thing straight i was a former DIVAS champ you were a nobdy ...and either way we are partners tonight and i dont know about you I DONT LOSE just ask jillian *she pushes her out the way smiling as she leaves

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