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    American Idol


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    American Idol

    Post by blueberry on Fri Feb 27, 2009 2:09 am


    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The judges completely crapped on Jasmine. I think she smoked all girls from last week. Here is hoping the other girls mess up LOL

    OK Yea there choosing the wrong songs but this group is already better than last week. Jasmine was better than Janine. 1 down 4 MORE GIRLS TO F**K UP!!!

    OMG! Nick Norman made me laugh histarically.... he was hella entertaining too LOL. I don't know if America will vote him through but I wont be suprised either.

    WOW!!!!!! Allison was pretty good. DAMN IT!!!!!!! She was better than Jasmine haha.

    The guy Kris Allen was really good, and again with the freaking propping of Danny Gokey lol. Simon said Danny is the better singer. Eh so. lol

    Damn its not looking good for my girl.

    I liked Megan's song choice. Corinne Bailey Ray rocks. I did hate the dancing Megan did though wtf was that?

    Matt picked a good song but it did get boring towards the end lol

    Now Jesse, I liked her. Her voice is very unique but sadly I dont think she'll make it but her voice was good

    So far Allison,Kris and Megan OR Matt are gonna make it

    While Jasmine is a shoe in for the wildcard round

    Kai was alright but kinda boring

    Mischovonna was too safe

    ADAM!!!!! was Freaking over the top. Gosh I don't like him either.

    With that said

    Top Girl is Allison
    Top Guy is Adam BRAF!!!!
    Next highest is Kris or Matt or Megan and maybe Nick Norman. That would be a disaster

    I wish Jasmine would make it but she was not the best girl.

    Wildcard round will have quite a few of these peeps though

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    Re: American Idol

    Post by blueberry on Thu Mar 05, 2009 1:11 am

    WOW!!!! Von Smith started the show pretty good.... Ewwww being compared to Clay Aiken? HOW INSULTING!!! The voices are similar though lol. This dude is underated here unlike the overated DANNY and ADAM!

    Taylor was alright but was kinda dull, bummer since I like her.

    LOL Alex was very entertaining..... I like this group cause everyone is doing something to sorta stand out. LOL Alex was kinda dorky but he was not as terrible as Simon made him out to be either.

    Ariana chose the wrong song from Abba why not DANCING QUEEN? lol

    Simon is a jerk UGH STFU and let Kara speak

    WOWSA!!!! Ju'not came out of left field. Dude sang the hell out of "Hey There Delilah" Loved the R&B Spin on it. Its between him and Von to make it this week as far as guys go.

    I LOVED KRISTEN!!!!!!! She sang the hell out of that song, The judges are HATERS!!!!! She better make it

    LOL Oh Nate Nate Nate! He was alright but kinda embarassing to look at. The judges bicker to MUCH UGH can they shut up for once?

    I liked Felicia , she shocked the hell outta me. I liked her YET ANOTHER HOTT ONE! Damn this group is awesome.

    Scott was pretty good but I hope America doesn't vote him because he's blind. Von and Ju'not were better lol

    Kendall was ok and she sang MARTINA MCBRIDE!!! WHOOHOO! love her

    AWWW Jorge was so cool and when he teared up, I felt so bad for him in a good way.

    Lil Rounds was good but that song did not showcase her true vocals.

    All in All like 4 good girls and 4 good guys. This group was REALLY REALLY GREAT!
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    Re: American Idol

    Post by Rated_X_Superstar on Thu Mar 05, 2009 1:11 pm

    Aussie Idol owns this :p


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    Re: American Idol

    Post by Gabriel_Gray on Fri Mar 06, 2009 6:57 am

    American idol is so three decades ago...lol


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    Re: American Idol

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