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    I love Money Season 2


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    I love Money Season 2

    Post by blueberry on Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:21 pm

    HAHA! I'm watching last week's episode and I think its messed up how they treated Leilene in the beginning. Poor girl slept outside until 5 in the morning. I hated how Heat was mad at her but he's the one that always falls in love with someone. Destiny anyone?

    The challenge was HILARIOUS!!!!! Saapharri is that how u spell her name? lol anyways her and Frenhy were CRACKING ME UP!!!! I can't understand a word Frenchy says lol

    MILF was a terrible captain so no shocker her, Leilene and Becky were in the box. Man I love Becky, the girl is must watch TV.

    LOL@ Milf going gangster because Buddha voted her into the vault. Even funnier was Buddha grasping at straws when Milf announced that she quit. He knew he was a target then lol.

    Oh the drama is intense, u gotta give Becky and Saapharri there kudos. Not many girls will step up to Buddha.

    I think the Fortune Teller was a FAKE!!!!!! A PHONY!!!!! Calling Leilene bad luck? Kinda harsh dont cha think?

    AWWW Leilene went home, that sucked but poor girl wasn't into it. I hope she finds love though.

    Funny eppy overall. I liked it

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    Number of posts : 23
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    Re: I love Money Season 2

    Post by blueberry on Mon Mar 09, 2009 8:23 pm

    LOL@ the butt kissing challenge. Anyone gets the vibe that 20 Pack is gay? I for one don't care DUDE IS HOTT!!! lol . Entertainer smacking his ass was HILARIOUS!!!. I however hate how the green team treated Tweed. He was the only one for the green team that did good so he didn't deserve to be in the box. BUT! He did deserve it for choosing Buddha in the first place. Also Tweed was acting really Confident and that was automatilly his downfall.

    The newest eppy was really good, Tailor Made is a SNAKE!!!! I knew he was trouble but I know that the original 5 (Entertainer,20 Pack, Saaphari,Becky and Heat) will prevail. But not sure about Heat cause I saw previews of someone sending him home. I do love that Prancer,Mayammi and Cali are in a alliance. To bad it will get destroyed. AWWW 20 Packs team is falling apart, I just wanna hug him lol

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