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    Raw Divas Discussion (3-30-09)


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    Raw Divas Discussion (3-30-09)

    Post by blueberry on Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:04 am

    That was awful. I really really wish they'd stop involving Santino with the divas. It's beyond annoying, release his ass already. Good that girls that never get ring time (Katie and Tiffany) actually recieved ring time. But Tiffany pinned Katie Lea? WTF? Are you serious? I guess anyone can really win this thing huh? I did like seeing Tiff taking it to Beth with no fear though.

    Mickie was in it for the pops really, to get the crowd pumped. Good to see Jillian but where were the champions? Michelle? Gail FREAKING KIM??? I knew WWE can't book a multiple diva match. Thank god my hopes did not go up for this crap.

    Santino not funny at all
    Lack of a brawl KILLED the momentum for Mania.

    Waste of my time....

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