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    Official Victoria Retirement Thread

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    Official Victoria Retirement Thread Empty Official Victoria Retirement Thread

    Post by Rated_X_Superstar on Thu Mar 05, 2009 1:05 pm

    Official Victoria Retirement Thread Victoria

    This thread is dedicated to Victoria, who was easily the greatest female wrestler of all time. She was so versitile, and even became a greater wrestler than the great Alundra Blaze. Victoria was born into the greatest generation of female athletes, and was gfood enough to capture the womens championship twice during this time.

    Official Victoria Retirement Thread Victoria3

    Victoria debuted as a psichotic diva hell bent on ruining the image of Trish Stratus, beginning a star studded fued with her, and capturing the championship in the first ever Chicago Street Fight, showing great hardcore abilities matching those of Lita. She lost the championship back to Trish shortly after, but cemented her dominance in the division. She captured her second championship in a fatal four way, defeating Lita. She then entered a fued with Molly Holly once Molly became champion, and she debuted a new dancing persona, with catchy dance music and pull off clothes during her entrance. She showed face characteristics, and wrestled more althetically, showing high flying manuevers quite often. She frequently teamed with her on screen friend Lita. She had a great reign as champ, even defeating Lita to retain. Being a goody too shoes can only last so long for Victoria, and when she wasn't getting any spotlight, she decided to brutalise Christy Hemme, whom she easily defeated. She then started sitting in the sidelines again, but eventually befriended Melina and dominated the Raw division, but fel short at defeating Mickie James when it counted. She started doing more tag matches, then moved to Smackdown where she aimed to dominate, but sadly Torrie Wilson and Michelle McCool stood in her way. She then became the clown of Smackdown (not literally), and would lose quite easily. She fell short in her retirement match against Michelle McCool.

    -2- Time Womens Champion
    -Only diva other than Lita to compete in a Steel Cage Match, whom she defeated.
    -Lasted 8 years with the WWE.
    -One of the most atheltically gifted divas in history.
    -Defeated the greats of her era- Lita, Trish, Jackie, Molly, Jazz.

    Official Victoria Retirement Thread Victoriamickieas4fy7



    This entrance was a dramatic change from her psichotic ways, with her sexy dancing moves and stripping techniques, it was a whole new Victoria! It was a refreshing face turn for her and worked really well.


    She was scary back then! She was so awesome and the music and video really suited her excellently, couldn't have been done better for her.


    Victoria vs Lita- Steel Cage:

    Bad Blood Fatal Four Way for the Womens Championship:

    Backlash: Lita vs Victoria:

    Survivor Series Hardcore Match: Trish Stratus vs Victoria:

    Heat: Molly Holly vs Victoria:

    Gail Kim vs Victoria: Shows technical abilities of Victoria:

    Vengence: Molly Holly vs Victoria:

    Fatal Four Way for the Title- Victoria vs Molly vs Lita vs Jazz:

    Lita and Victoria vs Molly and Jazz:

    Unforgiven- Trish vs Victoria:

    Retirement Match: Victoria vs McCool:

    Retirement Speech:

    Widow's Peak
    A-rack-nophobia (Backbreaker rack drop)
    Black Widow (Sitout inverted front powerslam)

    Spiders Web
    Bridging reverse chinlock
    Hair-pull Gory special
    Military press slam
    Diving Moonsault
    Standing Moonsault (with theratrics)
    One–handed cartwheel followed into a hammerlock
    Superkick or a savate kick
    Slingshot somersault leg drop
    Shoulder Thrusts followed by a backflip to another thrust

    Victoria was easily one of the greatest, and will never be forgotten in the business. She showed women can wrestle and achieve their goals, and was one of the most repsected women in the history of the business. On behalf of WD, we wish her well in all her future endeavors, and hopefully she comes back to visit, and win more championships! We miss you already!

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    Official Victoria Retirement Thread Empty Re: Official Victoria Retirement Thread

    Post by stratusscherzinger on Fri Mar 06, 2009 1:01 am

    Wow....this is good

    And thanks for making me miss her again Sad

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    Post by Gabriel_Gray on Fri Mar 06, 2009 7:01 am

    good job Rated I love it, it makes me sad tho, she was a fantastic wrestler

    Official Victoria Retirement Thread Deathrayne

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