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    FNM Week 2

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    FNM Week 2

    Post by Rated_X_Superstar on Thu Mar 05, 2009 12:53 pm

    Raven and Jillian vs Maryse and Layla
    The match begins with Maryse and Layla arguing over who enters first. Maryse ends up starting off with Raven. Raven quickly takes advantage with an armdrag, followed by a clothesline. She picks Maryse up and hits a suplex pin! 1...2..Layla breaks up the count! Raven attacks Layla, and with the ref distracted, Jillian comes in and starts bashing into Maryse. Both go back to their corners and Raven tags in Jillian. She goes for a handspring elbow drop, but Maryse dodges and slams her face first into the mat! She then tags in Layla, who hits a diving crossbody on Jillian! 1...2...kick out. Layla starts kicking Jillian, then hits a powerful kick to the head! Raven comes in the ring, but Layla hits a snap suplex. She then tags in Maryse. Maryse comes in and clotheslines Jillian, then delivers a DDT to Raven, who rolls out of the ring. Maryse then hits the DDT on Jillian! She gets up, but Layla tags herself in and rolls Jillian up! 1....2.....3!
    Winners: Layla and Maryse.

    Maryse confronts Layla about tagging herself in. Layla then slaps Maryse! The two divas brawl, with officials breaking it up!

    Kofi Kingston and Aj Styles vs Ted DiBiase and Mark Brisco (with Star)
    Kofi and DiBiase start the match off, with Ted hitting Kofi hard in the jaw, following it up with a clothesline! Ted applies a headlock to Kofi, but Kofi quickly escapes with fan support, and runs at the ropes, hitting a flying clothesline! He then goes high risk and kicks Mark Brisco off the ropes, allowing Ted to capitalise by throwing Kofi off the ropes! Ted goes for a powerbomb, but Kofi reverses into a hurracarana pin! 1...2...kick out! Kofi gets the hot tag on Aj, who comes in with a diving elbow attack on Ted, then hits a flying clothesline on Mark, knocking him off the ropes! Aj then dodges Ted's clothesline and hits the Paydirt! 1....2..Mark breaks it up! Kofi comes in and runs at Mark, but Mark throws him into the turnbuckle, then over the ropes. Aj goes for the Styles Clash, but Mark comes from behind with a reverse DDT! They pick Aj up and Ted applies the Cobra clutch, then Mark clotheslines Aj, and Ted hits the Russian legsweep! 1...2......3!
    Winners: Ted DiBiase and Mark Brisco.

    After the match, Ted spits on Aj, then they both celebrate, with Ted standing over the fallen Aj.

    Rey Mysterio vs Kane
    The match begins with Rey kicking Kane in the knee. He runs at the ropes, but Kane delivers a big boot! 1...2.kick out! Kane picks Rey up, but he reverses and starts kicking Kane in the leg. Kane goes for a chokeslam, but Rey reverses into a hurracarana into the turnbuckle! He then goes for a frankensteiner, but Kane reverses into a powerbomb! 1...2...kick out! Kane signals for the chokeslam, but Rey again reverses, and hits a sprinboard DDT on Kane! Hoe goes for a diving crossbody, but Kane reverses into a Tombstone Piledriver! 1...2....3!
    Winner: Kane.

    Triple H vs Randy Orton (Winner chooses match type for PPV title match)
    The match begins with a staredown between the two superstars. They both lock up, with Randy getting the advantage. He throws Triple H to the ropes, but Triple H comes back with a clothesline. He picks him up and throws him into the ropes, but Randy kicks him in the head, then delivers his signiture backbreaker! 1..2..kick out! Randy argues with the ref, then starts stomping on Triple H's body. He then taunts for the RKO, but Triple H reverses, and hits a spinebuster! He fires up the fans and goes for the Pedigree, but Randy escapes and throws him into the ropes, then chokes him out! He then gets cocky, recieving heat from the fans. he kicks Triple H in the head, then gets Ready for the punt. He runs at Triple H, but he throws him into the turnbuckle, hitting the referee! Triple H then hits a pedigree on Orton, but notices that there is noone to count. He goes outside and gets a chair and brings it into the ring, but from behind, Mark and Ted enter the ring and start bashing into him! Mark gets the chair and hits Triple H hard in the head. They pick Triple H up and hold him, allowing Randy to hit the RKO. They leave the ring and Randy pins him as the ref wakes up. 1...2.....3!
    Winner: Randy Orton (Can choose his own match)

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    Re: FNM Week 2

    Post by Reign on Sat Mar 07, 2009 11:59 pm

    After that was shown we a see ted and maryse walking when brisco shows up

    Brisco: mr. dibiase himself..oh and the lovely maryse
    Ted: yes matt brisco right?
    Brisco: ah no its MARK brisco...and i cant wait till we get in the ring tonight...i know we will be sucessful
    Ted: succesful?...look this is strictly for bizz and all i know is I WILL be successful and then my sister will be ...look dont worry i got this match for us..you just stand out there and look....pretty
    *brisco reaches for a handshake and ted ignores it and him and maryse walk away*

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    Re: FNM Week 2

    Post by Gabriel_Gray on Sat Mar 14, 2009 12:04 pm

    *Star comes walking up, from the same way maryse & ted are heading*

    : Hi your Marie & Ned right?
    Maryse & Ted: ......................................
    Ted: Umm actually it Maryse and Ted
    Maryse: Yeah and you had better learn it (Maryse says while stepping in Stars' Face)
    *the two stare each other down, then Maryse flips her back and places a hand on her hip, Star laughs then flips her hair forward onto her shoulder, causing some of it to hit mayrse in the face*

    *Star then laughs again and walks on down the hall to where Mark is standing*

    Mark: What was that all about?
    Star: Oh nothing, I just can't stand her non-talented, fake blond, non-English speaking, brother humping ass
    Mark: I thought you were gonna play nice with the other chicks here?
    Star: I will play nice, just not with that cheap tramp,hell she don't know me, I'll cut her ass,now let's go cause we've got more important things to deal with


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    Re: FNM Week 2

    Post by Joe on Wed Apr 29, 2009 11:01 pm

    I come here and say this site sucks...

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    Re: FNM Week 2

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