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    Friday Night Mayhem Debut Show!




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    Friday Night Mayhem Debut Show!

    Post by Rated_X_Superstar on Thu Feb 19, 2009 12:45 pm

    The fans roar as the founder of Smacked Down Entertainment, Zane Williams, enters the arena! Nick Hardy comes out and raises his hands high in a pose to his head, then proceeds down the ramp He makes his way down the ramp, and enters the ring, then grabs a microphone. He looks to speak, then pauses.

    Wow! I knew the fans were excited about the show, but this.....its amazing! The fans roar on, and cheer Mayhem! Mayhem! Mayhem! Firstly, I would like to welcome you all to the newest promotion out there....Smacked Down Entertainment! I am Zane Hardy, and many of you may know me as the brother of the Hardy Boys! I am a skilled wrestler who decided to start my own promotion. I, unlike my two brothers, never made it to the big company, but don't take that away from me! I am just as extreme as they are, and you will find that out! The fans start cheering Hardy Hardy! I am the founder of this new promotion, and with your help, hope to make it the greatest and most extreme promotion there has ever been!!! The fans start chanting SDW! SDW! SDW! I will deliver extreme like no company ever has before, and trust me...this ride is going to be Rated X!

    As you all know, Shane McMahon will be helping me out, as a great show needs great management, especially after he left WWE *fans boo* for SDE! *Fans cheer*

    We have a great first card for you guys tonight! It will be Triple H facing the Big Red Machine Kane! The ECW original Raven facing off against Ted DiBiase! But where would a great show be without the divas eh? The fans start whistling. Oh no...there wont be any of that. This show is EXTREME! The divas will be extreme! So anyway, it will be Layla facing off against the songbird Jillian! Zane drops the mic, then exits the ring and walks up the ramp hi-five-ing the fans on his way. At the top of the ramp, he raises his hands, then does his hand raising taunt!

    A car pulls up to the arena, Randy Orton and Raven gets out wearing their street clothes. They head inside.

    As they make their way toward the GM's office, they greet and shake the hand of their co-workers. Orton knocks on the GM's door , than enters.

    Before the divas match a titantron is shown.
    Tazz: look Cole! look maryse is coming to Friday Night Mayhem! Jr.: Yes that is true mayrse has been put on Friday Night Mayhem leaving WWE, maryse commented saying "i think im gonna like Friday Night Mayhem more oppertunites and i can go after the women's belt"

    Jillian vs Maryse (Contendership for DD title)
    Jillian sings her way into the arena, recieving huge boos, and laughs from the awaiting Maryse. Jillian gets in the ring and quickly goes to work on Maryse, kicking her hard in the head, then throwing her by the hair! She starts pulling at the hair of Maryse, then starts screaming in her ear. She picks Maryse up and goes for another hair pull, but Maryse delivers a solid knee to the gut, followed by a face first slam into the mat! 1...2..kick out! Maryse picks Jillian up and slaps her, then goes for the DDT, which Jillian reverses into a neckbreaker! 1...2...kick out! Jillian gets frustrated, and whips Maryse into the turnbuckle. She goes for the handspring elbow, but Maryse kicks her in the back, then delivers a bulldog! She runs at Jillian with a clothesline, but Jillian quickly retaliates with a clothesline of her own! Jillian then goes for the face plant, but Maryse throws her off and hits the French TKO! 1....2.....kick out!! Maryse is stunned as the crowd cheers Maryse on. She whips Jillian into the ropes, but Jillian reverses with a kick. She goes for the Full Nelson Bulldog, but Maryse rolls her up! 1...2....3!
    Winner: Maryse.

    *Mark & Star finally arrive and make their way to the G.M's office*

    *knock knock knock*

    *After entering Mark shakes Zane's hand, and Star gives him a hug*

    Star: OMG! Zane I see you've been quite busy since you left that "OTHER" brand, you know the failing one, lol cheap bastards still ain't paid me, but anyway that's in the past and I was wanted to pop in and say Hi, and thanks for inviting me and giving me a chance to do what I love...and OHH before I forget I'd like to introduce you to someone you may or may not know, the guy you see standing next to me Mark Briscoe! He's one of the legendary greats from ROH.

    Mark: Umm Hi, I too would just like to say thanks for having me, and giving me a chance to work with different talent, I pretty destroyed everyone in ROH, and I felt it was time for a change of scenery and after talking to Star and seeing how pumped she was to be working here I decided that I would also try to get signed...

    Star: And Zane I brought a copy of one of my favorite matches involving myself of course lol, so you'd know I still have skills, even though I never got to use them in that other fed, Mark would have his but they tapes weren't ready yet.

    Mark: Yeah, you can't depend on anyone to do things right nowadays.

    Star: Hey was that my girl Raven I saw leaving the parking lot earlier?, OMG Mark if it was, you have to meet her, we were soooooo gonna take over the womens division in that other fed.

    Mark: Yeah, you've told me, many, MANY,...times I've even heard the story about the gorilla eating a stick?!?!

    Star: *snickers to herself* Ewww that was nasty that gorilla tore that stick up.

    Mark: Yeah, well anyway Mr. Williams it was nice meeting you, but we have to be on our way, so thanks again and I'll have my tape later.

    Star: Bye Zane!!! and don't forget if you ever wanna rebuild that stable I'm all down for it lol.

    Qualifying Match: Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio
    The match begins with Rey chants, which gives Rey the early advantage with kicks to Randy's knee, followed by a dropkick! Rey runs at the ropes, but Randy catches him with a powerslam! 1...2..kick out! He picks Rey up and posistions him on the turnbuckle. He goes for a superplex, but Rey knocks him off, and hits a diving crossbody! 1...2...kick out! He follows it up with a dropkick to the head, followed by a seated senton! 1...2...kick out! He goes for a springboard attack, but Randy dodges, and hits his signiture backbreaker on Rey! He starts stalking Rey, hitting him with stomps all over his body. 1..2..kick out! Raven is at ringside cheering her man on, getting alot of heat. Randy gets fired up by this, and goes for a powerbomb, but Rey reverses into a hurracarana into the ropes! He then hits the 619, but as he is about to jump off the rope, Raven distracts him! He then ignores her, and proceeds to jump at Randy, but as he is in the air, Randy catches him with an amazing RKO! 1....2.....3!
    Winner: Randy Orton.

    Raven vs Layla (Contendership for DD title)
    The debut match of the night begins begins with Raven and Layla staring each other down. Raven dodges a clothesline and successfully hits a German Suplex! 1.....2...kick out! Raven picks Layla up and whips her into the ropes, but Layla comes back with a viscious kick to the head! She then gets on Raven and pounds at her head into the mat. She picks Raven up and goes for a snap suplex, but Raven kicks her in the gut and throws her shoulder first into the ring post! She then catches her in a "rock bottom" setup and slams her back onto her knee and transitions back into a Downward Spiral(Deja Vu). 1....2....kick out! Raven is surprised at the kickout. She goes high risk, but Layla was playing possum, and kicks Raven hard in the knee, then pulls her off. Layla goes for a Dragon Suplex, but Raven elbows her and hits the Never More! 1...2.....3!
    Winner: Raven.

    Triple H vs Vampiro(With Star) vs Ted DiBiase vs Kofi Kingsyon vs Kane vs Aj Styles (Contendership for World Title Gauntlet)
    The Main Event begins between Ted DiBiase and Kofi Kingston. Kofi gets the early advantage with an axe handle, followed by a sprinboard crossbody! He goes for a dropkick, then hits his signiture elbow drop! He attempts his Trouble in Paradise, but Ted was anticipating it, reverses it into a clothesline! He then chokes out Kofi, followed by a kick to the head. He picks Kofi up and goes for the Cobra Clutch finisher, but Kofi holds onto the ropes, then hits a devastating Ranhei! 1..2....3! Kofi eliminates DiBiase!
    Kane is out next, who looks to inflict pain! he hits a throat thrust on Kofi, followed by a powerslam! 1...2..kick out! Kane gets angry, so goes for the early chokeslam. As Kofi is high in the air, he reverses into a tornado DDT! 1....2....kick out! Kofi then hits the Trouble in Paradise! 1..2...kick out! Kofi is shocked. He goes high risk, but Kane catches him with a chokeslam! 1...2....3! Kane eliminates Kofi!
    Vampiro is out next. He stares down with Kane, then slaps him! Kane gets pissed and delivers a throat thrust, followed by a snapmare dropkick to his back! 1...2..kick out! Kane whips Vampiro into the turnbuckle, and hits a powerful clothesline, followed by a sidewalk slam! he then motions for the chokeslam, but Vampire hits a big boot! He then goes for a DDT on Kane, but Kane hits him in the knee, then hits the Tombstone Piledriver! 1...2...3! Kane eliminates Vampiro!
    AJ Styles is out next, who reverses Kane's boot, then hits the Paydirt! 1...2...kick out! AJ goes high risk, hitting a diving clothesline. 1...2...kick out! He goes for the Styles Clash, but Kane throws him over his head! He then hits the chokeslam! 1...2...kick out! Suddenly, a pissed Vampiro comes back into the ring with a chair. He hits Kane hard in the head, and still stands! He goes for another, but Kane ducks, hitting AJ! Kane delivers a boot to Vampiro and delivers another Chokeslam to AJ! 1...2...3! Kane eliminates AJ!
    The last competitor is of course...Triple H! Triple H rushes to the ring and dodges a clothesline, then hits a running forearm! He attempts to whip Kane into the ropes, but Kane punches him in the back. He goes for the chokeslam, but Triple H gets over his back, grabs the chair and hits him hard in the back! He then pedigree's Kane! 1...2...kick out! The crowd is speachless, Triple H is stunned, and argues with the ref! He goes for another, but Kane throws him over his head, landing on the chair! Kane then picks him up for the Tombstone, but Triple H reverses again, hitting another pedigree, this time onto the chair! 1....2.....3!
    Winner: Triple H!


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    Re: Friday Night Mayhem Debut Show!

    Post by Gabriel_Gray on Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:29 pm

    I liked it, but Vampiro wasn't suppose to be apart of the match, so I guess Mark & Star are still undefeated lol....and sorry bout the whole promo thing but I had to re-route my internet


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